Lithium battery "second charge" graphene prospects and industrialization difficulty analysis

Author: Chao Li Yang Pageviews:88 Time:2020-03-27

At present, no company in the world has realized the industrialization of real graphene and its derivatives. Except for two domestic companies that have realized the small-scale production of graphene products used in the LED industry, the rest of the research institutions and enterprises have It can only be produced in small batches, and the products are mainly used for research in research institutions.

The domestic graphene industry is in the initial stage of development, and the low level of technology and the difficulty of making profits for enterprises are the two major factors hindering the development of graphene industrialization.

From the technological point of view, how to prepare large-area, stable and high-quality graphene in batches is one of the difficulties. At present, the entire industry is still in the product development stage. Only a few companies can produce high-quality graphene on a large scale. The defective rate affects the downstream application promotion.

In terms of profit, the cost of obtaining graphene is still high, and the application market has not been fully opened, which makes it difficult for graphene companies to obtain stable profits, and the natural scale is not obvious (see the figure below). In the future, these companies need to integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chains, reduce costs and increase sales.


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