Basic knowledge of lithium battery charging and discharging

Author: Chao Li Yang Pageviews:98 Time:2020-04-11

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, mobile power supplies, solar street lighting, electric vehicles, power tools, etc. have become people’s daily necessities. These industrial products are powered by lithium batteries, and the battery life of Dongguan lithium batteries It is the most important issue for people, and the maintenance of lithium batteries is the most important.

   Take the electric vehicle battery as an example. In addition to the high power consumption when climbing the hill, the maintenance of the lithium battery is also one of the main factors that affect the battery life of the electric vehicle. Otherwise, you will often need to replace the external battery or spare battery.

A few days ago, the article on how to extend the life of lithium batteries put forward a new conclusion on the best maintenance of lithium batteries: the best maintenance method for lithium-ion batteries is light use, quick release and quick charge, which is similar to the use of mechanical equipment, and the frequency is used. The larger and the more times, the faster the battery will wear out. The lower the degree of deep discharge of the lithium battery, the longer the use time. If possible, try to avoid frequent and thorough charging and discharging.

As far as the user is concerned, it’s best to charge your lithium battery with 10% or 20%. It can be charged when the remaining power is 50%, but try to avoid starting charging when the phone prompts that the battery is low, no matter what the situation. Don't run out of battery power. If you are away, try to use a larger capacity battery or mobile power source.

The maintenance of lithium batteries may have little effect on a single charge-discharge cycle, but after a long period of time, there will be comparisons. After a year or longer use of lithium-ion batteries, the battery capacity will be lost, and better-maintained lithium batteries The loss situation will be much better.


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