Can lithium batteries be carried on the plane

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What is a lithium battery? It is the batteries we commonly use in phones, computers, and digital cameras. In recent years, the aviation industry has greatly enhanced the rules for lithium batteries on airplanes. If passengers don’t know about it and bring too many lithium batteries on airplanes, they will cause disaster at any time. So be sure to know the 7 precautions about flying with lithium batteries and enjoy a safe journey.

   Do you want to carry or mail the lithium battery?

  01, neither the power supply nor the lithium battery can be mailed. It must be placed in hand luggage and carried on the plane. Because there have been more and more accidents caused by rechargeable batteries in recent years, many rechargeable batteries are not designed to be safe and may cause sparks or explosions under certain conditions. Therefore, lithium batteries cannot be mailed on any flight at present.

Whether the lithium battery can be carried on board depends on its equipment and its watt-hour (Wh) rating (for rechargeable lithium ion/polymer batteries) or lithium capacity (LC) (for rechargeable lithium metal batteries) ). When going through the security check at the airport, if the security personnel think that your lithium battery does not meet the rules, it will be confiscated.

  I want to carry electronic products that cannot be removed with lithium batteries?

  02, we can follow the following two methods:

  All removable spare batteries and independent lithium batteries, such as batteries used in mobile phones, cameras, and tablets, should be taken with you as long as they can be removed.

   Unremovable lithium batteries, such as iPhones, MacBooks and other electronic products that cannot be replaced with lithium batteries. In theory, passengers can send these products by mail, but airport security will conduct rated security checks on this luggage.

  How many lithium batteries can each person carry?

  03, the rules of each airline are different. Generally speaking, each airline uses the battery capacity to determine the number of lithium batteries that each passenger can carry. Taking Cathay Pacific as an example, each passenger can only carry 20 spare batteries with less than 100 watt-hours (Wh)/2 grams of lithium capacity (LC), and up to 2 spare batteries with a capacity of 100Wh to 160Wh. Large lithium batteries exceeding 160Wh must be declared and transported as goods in accordance with the World Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations) and cannot be carried as luggage.

  How to calculate the capacity of spare lithium battery?

04. Take out your lithium battery, check it, and you will find that mAh and V are usually printed on it. mAh is "milliampere hour". We need to convert it to "watt hour", and the battery of some devices will directly Use "Wh" to list the battery capacity, but generally batteries use "mAh" as the battery capacity unit. The calculation method for converting "mAh" to "Wh" is as follows:


  According to the calculation of the battery of SamsungGALAXYS3, the capacity of the battery is 2100mAh and the voltage is 3.8V. When converted to "Wh", it is 2100x3.8/1000=7.98Wh

  Does the lithium battery that I carry need special packaging?

  05, each lithium battery needs to be wrapped in a container to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes of the battery will not short-circuit. It is best to wrap the electrode in the original retail packaging or wrap the electrode with tape. In addition, passengers can also put lithium batteries in insulated battery boxes or plastic bags.

  It is strictly forbidden to bring lithium batteries on board

  06, lithium battery small vehicles are electric two-wheeled skateboards, hot wheels, balance bikes, unicycles, other balance scooters and mini-Segway balance bikes. Because lithium battery vehicles are flammable, starting from December 9, 2015, all cabin and hand luggage carried on Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon flights will be prohibited from carrying lithium battery vehicles and related components. If the passenger brings this type of article to the airport during the check-in procedure, the article will be rejected, and the passenger must be responsible for handling the prohibited articles before boarding. Because the related items are flammable, neither Cathay Pacific nor Cathay Dragon will store these items.

  Alkaline batteries are not acceptable

  07, ordinary AA alkaline batteries used in daily use cannot be sent in the cabin. It is necessary to carry them safely in hand luggage, and the batteries must be adequately protected against short circuits. You can wrap the electrodes in the original retail packaging, or wrap the electrodes with tape, or store the batteries in separate plastic bags or protective covers, and turn off the batteries in all electronic devices (ie cameras, mobile phones, and computers) so that they cannot be Unexpected launch in checked baggage.


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