What is the custom process for lithium batteries?

Author: Chao Li Yang Pageviews:86 Time:2020-06-04

For demanders who need customized lithium batteries, the following parameters need to be specified to determine which lithium batteries need to be matched:

   1. Do you need to know the voltage range that electrical equipment can withstand? Since the voltage of the battery pack is not a fixed value, the range is very large, so it is necessary to ensure that the device can withstand the corresponding voltage value.

  2. What is the continuous rated power of the device during operation? When the battery is supported, what is the maximum power when these loads are started? How long does the instantaneous maximum power last?

  3. You need to know how long the active device will continue to work, because this is related to determining the size of the lithium battery pack to be customized. The capacity of the lithium battery is equal to the continuous rated power of the device. *Maintenance time + retention value is usually set to about 10%. 【18650 lithium battery】


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